10 Correct Ways To Make Money Promoting Affiliate Products

10 Correct Ways To Make Money Promoting Affiliate Products

If you are trying to make money online, you should know by now that Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to get started. You simply need to recommend other people’s product and you will be paid a certain percentage of the sales, which is known as commission.

The problem is, there are many beginners who made the mistake of promoting the products in the wrong way, which cause them to see no result and hence giving up halfway.

In my today’s post, I will show you the 10 correct ways to promote an affiliate product which will help you to get results faster.

#1: Find A High Quality Product to Promote

  • Make sure the product you are promoting fits your subscribers needs. Get hold of a review copy from the product creator and study it yourself to ensure your are not promoting sub standard products to your subscribers.
  • If you can not get hold of a review copy by asking the product creator, buy it, buy the product, because if you decide to promote it the you will make the cost back during your promotion and if you decide not to promote it then there will most likely be a refund policy, so you have nothing to lose.
  • Just because the product is doing well that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a quality product, it may have been promoted by all of the products creators friends and JV partners.
  • Make sure the product you are promoting is based on the same niche as the list you are promoting it to, if your are in fact promoting to a list.
  • Use your own judgement to decide whether or not the product fits your subscribers needs.

#2: Educate Your Subscribers

  • Let your subscribers know what you have learned while you have been reviewing the product, make sure they know exactly what it is they would be getting if they decide to purchase.
  • Let them know how it would be of benefit to them and how it could be used, you could tell them how you would personally use it.
  • You could maybe video yourself using the product etc. Make sure you give your subscribers as much information as you can about the product.

#3: Do Not Link Directly to The Product

Link to a page you have created such as a landing page, which could be a review site at which you have reviewed the product and wrote about it, you then link from that page to the product.

  • You could link to your blog and have a post on there reviewing the product, you then link from your blog to the product.
  • The aim of the landing page is to “pre-sell” the product, so that by the time they have reached the product, in their heads they are almost ready to buy.
  • Give as much information as possible on the landing page, tell the prospect everything they need to know before they reach the product page and then they will feel well informed and ready to buy

#4: Use Product Graphics on The Landing Page

  • Ask the product creator for permission to use graphics from their page, usually the product creator will have a template that they will give you which you can use.
  • This will make the whole process look better as your landing page will have the same graphical aspect as the product page, this will make the flow look better when your prospect is at your landing page then moving on to the sales page.
  • Try to use as many products from the sales page as you can e.g. screenshots of earnings or images of the product in action etc.
  • In essence your landing page should look like a basic version of the sales page but with your unique take on it, this makes the transition from landing pager to sales page almost seamless.

#5: Try To Add A Video to Your Page

  • Video works really well no matter where you put it, so it makes sense to have a video on your landing page.
  • There are a variety of things you could have in the video, such as a video tour of the product. You could video yourself using the product and explaining how it works and how it can be used, but make sure your have permission from the product creator.
  • Let people know exactly how you personally view the product, avoid using negative point, emphasise the positive points of the product try not to put people off by emphasising any negatives there may be but always be honest.
  • Show people how easy it is to use the product, many people worry about whether they will be able to do certain things, whether it will be to technical etc. So if you can explain and show them that the product is simple to use then they are more likely to buy.

#6: Don’t Copy The Affiliate Material

  • Copying the affiliate material provided is a huge mistake, it is important that you be yourself when sending emails, writing blog posts etc. and you need to stand out from the crowd.
  • If your using copy and paste blog posts the chances are that the search engines will already be saturated with that material and your blog wont be seen.
  • If your using copy and paste emails then the chances are that your subscribers have already seen the same email tons of times.
  • Use the affiliate material as a guide for your own content but do not copy and paste it, it is crucial that you stand out from the crowd and get noticed

#7: Try to Reflect Urgency or Scarcity

  • If there is any kind of scarcity or urgency built into the sales material you need to make sure that you get this across on your landing page.
  • For example there may be a price increase after a certain time frame or there may be a limited number of bonuses to be claimed etc. If there is anything like this you need to make sure that the prospects know.
  • For example the prospect may take a look at your landing page, then say to him/herself that they will take a look back in a week or so, not knowing that the price will have increased by then. So it is very important that you let them know what is going on.
  • This is more likely to happen if you are promoting a product around launch time, as most big product launches will have some sort of a bonus to claim or a price increase to make you buy asap.

#8: Be Sure to Follow up With Your Promotion

  • Do not rely on just sending one email or driving traffic from one source, it is very important that you follow up.
  • Most affiliates will just send one copy and pasted email promoting a product and then wonder why they aren’t making any money.
  • If you are “warming up” your prospects via email it is very important that you send more than one email, send 2, 3, 4 maybe even 5 emails. If you really believe in a product, then let your subscribers know and follow up.
  • Usually the first email will not be the once that makes you money, in most cases it will be the last email you send, especially if there is any scarcity and urgency involved.
    Another thing to remember is to only promote one product at a time, do not promote another product during the launch of the first product.

#9: Drive Additional Traffic

  • There is all sorts of ways of driving traffic, you can use: emails, blog posts, forums, articles, social networking etc. There are tons of ways to drive traffic out there and they are all very effective.
  • Again make sure that all the traffic you generate is driven to your landing page.
  • If everything is going well and your are generating a decent amount of traffic, then you may want to consider paying for traffic, again sending this payed traffic to your landing page.
  • Invest money you have already earned from promotions into payed traffic and you will find that your profits increase dramatically.
  • If the promotion is going well make sure that you do not neglect it, if things are going well that is the best time to drive even more traffic.

#10: Promote Products Around The Launch Date

  • All of the techniques explained work best if they are put into practice on a promotion of a product during the launch, as it will be a new product on the market and it wont have already been massively promoted.
  • If you are promoting a product around launch time then you can get a review copy, review the product and create a landing page, all before the product goes live, you can email your subscribers letting them know of the upcoming launch.
  • Try to generate excitement before the product goes live and then when the product is released then it will be well anticipated and hopefully everyone will already know enough about it to go ahead and take a look and buy it.

So now you have learned all the correct ways to promote an affiliate product, I hope you will start implementing the methods to help you get more sales in your affiliate marketing business.