How To Capture Subscribers On Affiliate Pages

If you are promoting other vendor’s product using their affiliate sales pages or affiliate links, you are most likely to lose a potential customer if they are not buying anything on their first visit.

You may have heard of this, studies have shown that you need to show your sales page an average number of 7 times before they really pull out their credit cards to buy a product.

But the problem is how are you able to follow up with a customer in order to show them your sales page again and again?

There are in fact many ways to do this, but the most common method is to create an opt-in form for them to fill up their names and email addresses provided you have some html knowledge.

It’s rather easy to do this if you are selling your own products and have full access to modify your web pages. But now I’m talking about promoting other people’s product where usually they’ll provide you with their fully optimized sales page hosted on their own websites. I can bet most likely they wouldn’t help you to insert your opt-in form on anywhere of their sales page just because you are helping them to sell.

An affiliate sales page is shared by all affiliates, the difference only is each and other affiliates are given their own individual customized affiliate links. If they were to help you place an opt-in form, imagine how are they going to find space to fit in for their other 100 or so affiliates that are also promoting their products? And most of the time, your affiliate vendors already have their own opt-in form put up somewhere.

So, in order to capture a subscriber, you need to create your own mini pages like a “squeeze page” or a “lead capture page”. You’ll then type in some brief descriptions and benefits of the product you’re promoting, of course, you’ll need to attach your opt-in form and “free gifts” so as to exchange for their names and emails. This method is currently more commonly used by all affiliate marketers nowadays.

But through my many years of experience tells me, it is not the most effective method I’ve seen, after all, asking your customer to navigate extra pages to reach what you have to offer may sometimes pissed them off.

Is there any other lead capturing method other than the above mentioned?

Well, I happened to come up with an idea one day when I was doing some testing on improving my sales conversion. I realized if you place your opt-in form inside a pop-ups, your visitors are more likely to subscribe. I know you probably don’t like pop-ups or flying ads to show up at the webpage you are visiting, but in a marketing perception, no one can doubt it’s effectiveness.

Question is, how are you going to insert the code that’s only doable on your own webpages? Here’s the tricky part…

  1. You must have your own domain and web hosting service in order to carry out these process. (Check out my resources page for recommendations)
  2. You need to know the source code or with the help of a software program to cloak your affiliate link and at the same time to insert the scripts of the pop-up ads using any html editor.
  3. Name and save it as a html file (e.g. index.html or yourproductname.html) and upload to your appropriate folder (e.g. using a ftp software. You can ask your webmaster to help you if you’re not sure about this step.
  4. Test it by typing in the url where you’ve uploaded your webpage into your web browser. Make sure when the webpage you’ve open shows the pop-up that have your opt-in form inside and you’re done!

Now that you’ve implement the “pop-up opt-in form” to your affiliate web page, you’re now more certain that even if they don’t buy during their first visit, you have other chances of showing them the page again another time if they chose to opt-in for your great offers.

The only thing you should worry is that the pop-up script you use, most people would have installed pop-up blockers on their pc or web browser, but there are some script which is unblockable. They are many kinds of scripts available online, do your own research and choose one that fits your needs.

Lastly, make sure you inform the product owner and get their approval before doing this so that they know you are helping them to sell their product in a more effective way. A wise marketer will not have any objection but instead ask you how you do it?

Be prepared for your list to boom overnight, and have fun making sales!