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Before you proceed to continue reading my blog, I would like to share with you some of my success stories, hopefully it will help you to take a shorter path on the road to become successful with Affiliate Marketing.

If you are a self-made entrepreneur, who is looking for all sorts of way to to become successful online, then there is one thing you need to understand. You can learn all the methods on how to make money online, but if you don’t have the correct mindset, attitude and goals, you will never go far.

Like you, I was once a beginner or newbie marketer, hanging around the internet all day, looking for ways to find the next golden egg.

Every now and then, I will receive emails from the gurus for their latest product or coaching that will help me generate a passive income, so I can lay off my boss, work few hours a day at my own time, and enjoy the luxury of early retirement which others may only envy. I’m so hyped up that I can steal my mother’s rental money, pawn off all my valuables and even borrow money from all my relatives and friends, just to grab that opportunity that stamped with a time limited offer.

In the end, all those ebooks, videos and training materials would just end up in one of the corners on my hard disk.

Now, I’m not saying that all the gurus are scammers, in fact, the reason that most of them can become a guru is that they have really work hard to achieve their goals, and have been through a lot more than what we have in order to become who they are today.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to have the correct mindset. Only with the correct mindset, then you can look at things in a different perspective and focus better on your goals.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, with so much distractions and temptations in your surrounding, most of the time you will fall into procrastination mode. Many times I wanted to give up… I just can’t find the reason to continue after seeing no result in all the things I’ve worked hard for.

One day, I received an email from one of the gurus. His name is Ewen Chia, also well known as “The World’s #1 Super Affiliate”. In case you didn’t know him, he is one of the pioneer marketer who has been marketing online since 1997. Since this is the first time he is organizing a 2-day workshop offline, I can’t wait to sign up and attend the training.

Throughout the 2-day training, what I’ve learnt the most is not the things that he teach (as most of the lessons are too basic for me). But there is one important lesson that is life changing for me, that would be the hands-on mentorship.

Ewen Chia and Eric Tan
Ewen Chia’s Real Internet Income 2007

No matter how goal oriented you are… no matter what kind of correct mindset you have… there are always distractions and temptations to pull you off the track. Therefore you need to have a mentor to guide you, but of course, it has to be someone who is already successful and know what he is doing.

I don’t consider myself to be a mentor yet, but I hope with this blog, I can help you and many others to learn more about Affiliate Marketing. If you seriously want to learn how to make money online, you need to learn from the best!

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