3 Important Activities Needed To Grow Your Internet Business

I’d like to start this post by going through a little background on ME… myself!

I’ve been in this Internet Marketing game for more than 10 years, and I can say I knows my own stuff quite well… I manage to not only solves whatever problems that comes along… BIG or small… but also manages to learn and put into practice every skill whenever it’s needed for my online business.

My only regret right now is I’ve got no time (or probably too lazy) to come out a product of my own.

Anyway, IM sucks… If not for the quick and lazy income I’m able to make, I wouldn’t consider carrying on this kind of life.

Now, for those who’re still struggling to learn the basics like editing html or how to control your cpanel… My advice here is don’t waste too much time trying to “master” these activities, if what you’re building is an Internet Business.

Instead these are what really important as your basic business fundamental, memorize them by heart…

Basically there are three activities you perform online (I’ve known about this for a long time, but Rich Schefren coined it in this specific order):

  • Super Productive activies
  • Productive activities
  • Inefficient activities

Super productive activities are really easy to identify, they are the activities that you do, that will establish a system to set someone else up to do what you are doing. Did that make sense?

An example is if you are building your own links, it would be building a system behind that link building process, and then outsourcing it to someone or hiring someone to do that activity in house… if you were spending say, 20 hours a week on just link building, you’ve just bought yourself back 20 hours.

Productive activities are pretty simple as well… these are things like finding jv partners, MOST aspects of building your websites (so long as they are monetized), making sales calls, getting your ebooks and putting them online and in clickbank, writing sales letters etc. basically any activity that is monetized.

Now, ALL these things can be outsourced… yes, I said ALL.

I can guarantee you that out there somewhere in the world there is someone out there who is better than you at doing those activities, now you might have to pay for them sure, and when you’re starting out, you’ll be doing most of these yourself, but you start by outsourcing a single component of this process (the monetization aspect) and as your sites grow, so to does your outsourcing/hiring.

Inefficient activities is where most people spend their time on. Checking forums, checking stats (I remember when I first started I used to check my stats at least 6 times a day… this was when I was making MAYBE a few bucks a day or something in adsense… now I get a report done for me that shows me the stats daily/weekly/monthly, and funny enough, I’m doing a lot more now)

Don’t get me wrong, inefficient time can be useful… but just recognize what it is you are doing… you are NOT building your business in forums (unless you rely on it somehow, and if you are, then that can be outsourced too), you are NOT building your business by checking your stats 10 times a day… it can be fun, but just recognize it for what it is.

When starting out, you should focus your time at about 10/80/10… meaning 10% super productive, 80% productive, 10% inefficient (you’ll always have about 10%… in reality it’s more like 50% but let’s just say we’re hardcore into this… but we’re not total robots)… as you grow your income past the $2,000 per month mark, it should look more like 20/70/10, at $5,000 per month, 30/60/10, $10,000 50/40/10 and so on… at the end, all you should be doing is working on super productive activities.

The first thing you should outsource, is any income generating activity that you do, to someone who is better at doing that activity (writing copy, generating leads etc.)… just make sure you are making back more than you are spending.

Unfortunately this is a topic that is a book all in itself, but hopefully I’ve opened your eyes a little bit into how you should be looking at building your business, rather than in just ‘dabbling online’.