How To Increase Your Website Link Popularity

A blog is a mandatory piece of your internetlink puzzle.

Search engines love blogs because they are easy for their spiders to read, they are updated often with content, and are very easy to modify.

You should post to your blog at least twice per week.

If you are talking about something on your main site, link to it.

You have a link list on the sidebar of your blog.

Use it to link to all of your sites that have a common subject with your blog.

Avoid posting links to sites you don’t own.

Your goal with your blog is to rank well for your main terms and funnel your customers into your website.

This means no adsense and no affiliate links for your main blogs.

Creating a blog for adsense and affiliate sales is easy and should be held separately from your main blog.

Your posts should be from 200 – 1000 words and contain truly valuable information for your potential customer.

This gives them a reason to come back and see what you’re talking about next.

Every time you blog, you must ping.

WordPress has an auto-ping feature and it will ping for you automatically.

Hosted blogs do not.

These pings will have you listed in the largest blogging directories online.

Here are the ping services I’m using:

Feed Shark

Also check out this RSS tool…

Every blog comes with RSS feeds.

This is a way for your readers to get updated every time you update your blog.

For SEO purposes, RSS feeds are amazing.

The tool called Submit’em Now is an RSS feed submission tool that you can get for FREE at their site.

It is a Firefox browser plugin and is very easy to install, the browser basically does it for you.

It comes loaded with 113 RSS directories that you can submit your feed to.

This results in great backlinks for your blog.

The first thing you do is set up your project.

Then you simply click the next button to begin the submission process.

Some sites take longer than others, but I’ve been able to complete a submission in 30 – 40 minutes.

Remember that RSS feeds are on ALL blogs.

This includes Myspace, WordPress, and Blogger.

There are a few sites that you may not think of that have RSS feeds, as well.

Squidoo and Social Bookmarking sites have RSS feeds for you.

This will increase the backlinks to your sites and the power of the links that point to you from them.

I definitely hope these simple things will separate you from the competition.