What is Master Resell Rights

Master Resell Rights And Private Label Rights Explained

When you buy a product with “Master Resell Rights” this gives you the opportunity to “pass” on the resell rights to the person who buys from you.

Say for example: You have “master resell rights” to an e-book . This means you can sell that e-book to anyone you wish, and keep 100% of the profits PLUS the person who bought it off you can also sell the e-book, keep 100% of the profits and pass on the resell rights again to the next person.

Important Note:

Some creators may have the stipulation that only when you buy from him/her that you receive the master resell license however, the customer who buys from you may not receive the master resell rights license.

For example:

Little Suzy created a book on “How to clip your nose hairs” – She offers Master Resell Rights to her buyers, but does not allow your buyers to pass on the master resell rights so when little Robbie (who bought from little Suzy) sells this product… He can offer his customers the “resell rights” (which means his customers can also sell the product can keep 100% of the profit but his customers cannot offer the resell rights).

So now little Mark has bought from little Robbie – This means little Mark can sell the book “How to clip your nose hairs” but he cannot pass on any resell rights to the book.

What are the advantages to Master Resell Rights?

Well – if you are marketing to an internet marketer, an offer of being able to resell the item adds more value to the product.

They can now, not only profit from the information they receive inside of the e-book but they also can make profits by reselling and passing on the resale rights again adds value to the next customer who buys.

And the creator of the product reaps a “viral affect” spreading their name as an “expert” in the field.

It’s a win win situation for both the buyer and seller.

What you can “expect” to receive with Master Resell Rights

Usually, in master resell rights, the creator does not allow you or anyone else to edit the content within the book and is offered in a “as is” type condition.

Master Resell Rights may include the following:

  • The creator may offer a salespage included with the book
  • The creator may offer graphics eg. E-book covers, banners, order now buttons, background images
  • They may allow you to package their e-book with your other e-books
  • They may allow you to include their book as a bonus
  • They may have a certain “price value”. For example – you may not be allowed to sell under a certain dollar value – I’ve even seen some come with a “maximum” dollar value eg- Not allowed to sell the item above $97
  • They may even allow you to give it away for free

Important: Always check the license agreement, as this is the only 100% way to be sure of what you can do with the resale item you bought.

Some creators may have some obscure condition to their “offer” of their master resell rights item. They can choose to place any restriction they wish upon the item.

If you are ever in doubt of what you can do with the creator’s product – send them e-mail! It’s better than getting a slap around the wrist or even worse a notice from their lawyer for breeching your license agreement.

What is Private Label Rights

Private label rights are usually much more expensive then just Master resell rights as private label rights gives you the opportunity to change the content within the book to however you please, making the content more “original” and “one of a kind” and allows to place your name on it as the author.

Here is where it can become confusing…

Private Label Rights with Master Resell Rights. What does this mean?

Depending on the license agreement with the creator, you can also buy Private label rights that include Master Resell rights.

This is where most people get “confused”.

Simply, this means you not only have the right to change the information within the book and place your name as the author but you can also pass on the license and give the next person resell rights to the content as well.

Please Note: Not all Private label rights will come with a master resell license. And some may have a stipulation that you can only sell master resell rights to the private label rights content if you change a certain percentage of the “original raw content” – For example: they may request 60% of the content must be changed in order to sell Master Resell Rights.

What you can do with Private Label Rights

As mentioned previously… you can change the content, add to it, subtract it, leave it how it is and place your name on it as the author.

Some creators of the private label rights will not allow you to use “their” name on it.


Because you are able to change that content as you please, they don’t know you, and don’t know your writing capabilities or what you know on the subject.

Their “name” is their reputation as it should be yours as well.

If you’ve just bought private label rights to a product on “How to stop the next door neighbor’s cat from peeing on your front doorstep” and you decide to add to that content “just shoot the mongrel” – more than likely you’re going to ruffle a few feathers and the creator of the product wouldn’t want any association with your product.

If you are planning on selling Private label rights, I would also strongly recommend you place in your license agreement that your name cannot be added to the book, just to rule out any possibility of been seen as the “provider” of poor information.

What else will you receive with you Private Label Rights?

Unless its software or someone has other ways of distributing the content to you, in most cases you will generally receive your product in pdf format and in Microsoft word document.

Microsoft word document gives you the opportunity to change the raw content to your own. Pdf format is an opportunity to put it up and sell it right away if you don’t want to make any changes to the book.

Some private label rights will also offer you graphics eg. e-book covers, banners/headers, order now buttons, background images. Some may also offer the Psd source files so you can edit these to how you please.

You may also receive a ready made sales page that you can also edit to your likings.

You may also be allowed to use some of / or even all of the content in the book as web page content. Some people will buy private label rights just for this sole purpose to provide quality content to their readers and likely to increase their adsense revenue.