This page serves as a bookmark for all the tools and resources that I’m personally using to build my online business.

Domain Registrar

While there are many domain registrars out there, this is the only company that I trust and it hosts all my domains so I can easily manage them in one place.

Hosting Company

I have tested out many hosting companies but this is the only one that I highly recommended.

Lead Capture Tools

Been using this email marketing software since 2009. They have helped me securely store all my prospects and customer details, so I can send out newsletters and email promotions anytime and anywhere. I’m also testing out to build my list using Chatbot on Facebook, it has crazy open rates and click-through rates.

Online Marketing Training

These are the two training grounds you’ll ever need, whether you’re an amateur marketer who just started out or a veteran marketer that has been doing business online for many years.

Affiliate Networks

As most of my earnings are from promoting affiliate products, I wouldn’t risk my income with those small vendors that host their own affiliate programs. So I would rather look for products in my trusted affiliate networks that are reliable and have a huge marketplace.