Top 10 Website Traffic Generation Resources

Are you are still trying very hard to “expose” your website(s) to everyone in the world, whether be it for branding your company or just to close some sales?

Unless you understand the basic fundamental of how visitors “travel” around the cyber-world, getting traffic to your website is as hard as asking an Eskimo to buy ice from your store located at the Sahara Desert.

Of course I’m not going to show you all the Million of ways on “How To Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Website” here, but rather I’m going to show you 10 of my favorite Traffic Generation Methods that are most widely used on the Internet today.

Here it goes:

  1. SEO – A free method that will get you lots of traffic from various search engines if you can do it the right way. e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN…
  2. PPC – You pay for per click that will be redirect to your website, fast and efficient… but can be costly!
  3. Article Marketing – Require submission of unique articles with targeted keywords to many popular article directories and receive free traffic from those sites.
  4. Forums – Participate in discussions related to your targeted niche and get free traffic from your signature links when they click on it.
  5. Blog Commenting – Comments on other people blogs and leave your web address behind, you’ll get a linked-back to your own site for SEO purpose.
  6. Banner Exchange – Cross promotion of banner ads with other site owners to get different source of traffic.
  7. Social Bookmarking – As simple as bookmarking any site or any page that you want to promote and get some extra link juice that will improve your SEO ranking.
  8. Social Networking – It really hot nowadays, especially Facebook and Twitter, all family members and friends of yours are already connected. Simply tell everyone “What Are You Doing?” and some crazy traffic will be coming your way.
  9. Giveaway – Join a JV event… submit a quality free gift related to your niche… capture the member’s email address. Now you get a huge mailing list you can promote to for life!
  10. Word-of-Mouth – Tell all your friends, your neighbors and your dog that you have a website at “w w w”, “dot”…

These methods are my personal favorites, it may or may not necessary applied to you. But it has been proven to generate some substantial monthly traffic for me as well as most of the people out there.

P.S. If you think you got better ideas on how to generate traffic, leave us a comment post below…